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Hey designer…

Do you feel like your design biz is a streamlined organisational machine?


Do you feel like your systems are one hot mess?

Do your clients rule the roost and leave you running in circles?

Do you struggle to find the time to focus and get shit done?


Sort Ya Systems & Processes

for web and graphic designers

Get your shit together in just six weeks!

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Tell me, does any of this sound familiar?

You find yourself constantly thinking or worrying about the admin side of your design business

You fret about chasing invoices or put off sending new invoices.

You second guess your response to client requests… particularly difficult requests that you know are out of scope.

You find yourself writing the same emails again and again and again.

You spend ages trawling through all proposals trying to find the exact wording you want for a new one.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to Sort Ya Systems!

In just seven weeks, you can go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, time-poor and walked-over by your clients to having your systems and processes sorted.

You’ll be actually living the dream, and…

Spending a minimum amount of time on project admin.

Always getting paid on time. Kaching!

Having the time and headspace to do what is important to you… whether it’s creative work, taking on more projects or just chilling on the couch watching Netflix.

Working with clients who don’t push project boundaries (or your buttons!).

Having a clear strategy in place to deal with difficult clients before, during and after a project.

Do you dream of an effortlessly streamlined business?

The kind where you actually can switch off and live the life of your dreams? The one where decisions are easy because you have rock solid systems that keep clients in line and always get paid on time?

Are you exhausted and overwhelmed by your business?

Do you lie awake at night making an endless to-do list in your head? Do you fret about chasing client feedback or invoices?


Do you wonder if it could be easier… or better?

Under the hood…

You’ll get access to all of the below to help you sort ya systems!

7 modules of content

Pre work module + 1 module per week to  guide you through setting up the systems and processes to run the business of your dreams!

Weekly group calls

These check-in calls will help nut out any issues you’re facing, answer your questions and keep you accountable.

We’ll also have a bonus check-in a month after the course is complete.

Worksheets and
checklists galore!

To help you set up your dream systems and processes, step by step!

Supportive community

Access to an exclusive Facebook community of other course participants.

Accountability partner

An optional accountability partner to help you bounce ideas off throughout the course.

Insider access to my processes, systems and templates

I share the design and client management templates and processes I’ve used with big-ticket clients over the last 10 years.

Lifetime access

As long as this course exists, you’ll have lifetime access to all the content, call recordings and Facebook community.

You can also take part in future course runs!


All the Designer Admin templates

You get every single Designer Admin template to use as the basis to build out your design systems and processes!

Check them out >


Exclusive templates

You also get access to exclusive templates not currently available for sale!  These include General Design Proposal, presentations and emails to deal with scope creep, chasing unpaid bills, firing a client and last minute requests.

Why you NEED to sort ya systems

Okay firstly, you’re a designer, not an administrator.

If you have sound systems and processes in place, it allows you to stop focusing or stressing on the admin side of your business and spend your brainpower on the stuff you’re actually good at.

Secondly, good project management is key to client happiness.

Good systems and processes help guide your client through your projects. So they know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.

And three, it takes the emotion out of the moment.

If you have a system or process set up to deal with most pain points in your projects, you don’t overthink it, you don’t make special rules for each client and you don’t feel guilty about the decisions you’re making.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s how Sort Ya Systems transformed Nicole’s business…

I love that this course has made me push myself and grow.

I’ve made more money in my business now than I ever have in any of my full-time jobs. I work four days a week and I work nine to five because I’ve drawn those boundaries with clients and they know my processes… With the time that I save during the week, I’ve made the money back that I spent on the course, probably in the first, I don’t know, month, not even.

Take a closer look…


Switching up your mindset

In this pre-course module, we’ll dig into the barriers that have stopped you from setting up systems and processes that allow you to run your dream business, and life!

We’ll set you up for success by breaking down these barriers, figuring out what your ideal business looks like and make a plan for how you’re going to get there.

You’ll have access to this module as soon as you sign up for the course so you can start shifting your mindset, pronto!

stationery laid out on orange background


The big picture!

With your mindset in the right place, we’re going to step back and look at your overall project process and plan out the systems and templates you need to make it more streamlined and efficient.

Don’t have any systems and processes in place? Don’t panic – I’ll run you through my brand and web design processes and the templates I use to run a water-tight project.


Client onboarding

This is one of the most important parts of your project process as it gets your clients to sign on the dotted line. In this module we will review downloadable price lists, discovery calls, proposals and signoffs.

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Man with cap and beard smiling on yellow background


Design Stages

Now we get to the juicy part where you show your clients your awesome design skills. We will talk briefing documents, content collection, presentations and getting client feedback.


Project Wrap-Up!

Now that you’re ready to deliver the perfect design to your client, we’ll talk about leaving your project on a high and exploring how to maintain and capitalise on that awesome client relationship.

Week 4 will cover final project sign-off, final file delivery, setting up a maintenance or retainer package, referral benefits, and email check-ins to maintain and continue building client relationships and trust. We’ll also cover setting up a client feedback form, ensuring sure you get those trust-building testimonials.



Financial Systems

This week we will talk invoices, how to increase the likelihood your clients will pay on time, what to do when your client doesn’t pay, capturing business expenses and using accounting software and an accountant



CRMs, Automations & Where to from here!

During this final module of content, we’ll explore CRMs and automation options and how to identify which ones might suit you best.

We will also develop a plan to help you continue establishing systems and processes as your business develops.

balls on stairs



While we’ll aim to get all the base systems and processes set up for your business during the course, you’ll likely have a to-do list of things you still want to add in once the course wraps up. Or, you might find that you need to tweak things now you’re using them in practice.

So, a month after the course finishes, we’ll have one last accountability call to see how you’re tracking and how you might streamline your systems and processes even further.

Designer Admin Love

I was sitting on the fence about signing up to the course. As a designer with over 35 years in the industry, I thought my system was already functioning OK. But the course proved to be a game-changer! Not only did I get relevant, time saving templates, scripts and tips, but also introductions to new client management tools and automated software that completely steamlined my business. The weekly group sessions with a supportive community was also a great brainstorming and feedback space, and Sarah is the perfect mentor. I began using the templates and processes immediatly, and four weeks into the course gained a new client, therby recouping my investment. If you’re unsure about this course, don’t be – it’s worth every cent.

Heather Noakes, Noakes Design

Working through Sort ya Systems has been an amazing opportunity to work ON my business to help save me time when it comes to all things client work. It’s refreshing to look at my systems and identify ways I can streamline and organise things to make future me’s life easier, especially while juggling 2 kiddos.

Sarah breaks things down so they are easy to understand and implement, and her templates are AMAZING! Not only do the templates save me hours of work, they have also taught me new InDesign tricks even though I thought I had things pretty much mastered! If your processes and systems are feeling scattered or they’re stressing you out, I highly recommend joining Sort ya Systems to have Sarah in your life!

– Jessica Haines, Squarespace Website Designer

This course is worth its weight in gold! The templates alone are worth the money spent on the course.

The content that Sarah put together is not only easy to follow but super informative and interesting.

The weekly group calls were awesome and having an accountability partner was great – a fellow designer that I now have as a fantastic contact but also a friend too!

Nicole Furniss, Lime Pixel

I am so happy I signed up to the Sort Ya Systems course – It is easily one of the best investments I have made for my business (let alone my sanity!). 

The templates and swipe files alone are worth the price of admission – but of course there is so much more! The learning structure is easy to follow and (as you’d expect) well organised – with video content, transcripts and downloadable resources. 

Sarah’s teaching style is encouraging and fun and she’s got loads of experience and knowledge in the area – which she readily shares. For me, the weekly group calls have been the icing on the cake. Making connections and the access to Sarah herself has made completing the course achievable. 

Asha Hudson, Made by Hudson

You’ve taught this “old dog” with 22 years in the business, so many new tricks that have made my workflow easier, more manageable and that have made me excited about my business again.
Your organisational skills are off the chart and the logical way you approach processes is simply inspiring. I’ve adopted many of your processes and cannot believe the incredible value that we received with all of your templates included in the course!  That alone, would have been worth paying far more than I did for your course.
I feel very lucky to have come across your course and to have “met” you. I simply can’t thank you enough for all the value that you have added (and will continue to add) to my business.

Chantelle Mackenzie, Dandelion Design

PLUS all these templates!

In InDesign, Affinity, Google Docs AND NOW CANVA!

Brand Guidelines mockup

Brand Guidelines Template

Brand Presentation Kit Mockup

Presentation Templates

Brand Proposal Template mock up

Brand Proposal Template

including project timeline generator

Discovery call questions mock up

Discovery Call Template

Sign Off Templates

For brand, web and print

Client Feedback Kit

Client Feedback Kit

Fab up your finances kit

Fab up your finances

includes invoice templates, email templates, income and expense tracker

Moodboard template

Filing Systems for Creatives

Filing Systems

for finances, brand projects and website projects

Price List Template

Price List Template

Web Presentation Templates

Web Presentation Template

Pain Point Email Template

Pain point email templates

To deal with scope creep, chasing unpaid bills, firing a client and last minute requests.

Web proposal template

Web Proposal Template

including project timeline generator

Sarah Linklater

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m going to be your number one cheerleader for sorting ya systems!

I’ve been where you are. I spent years chasing my tail but knowing that if I just set my mind to it, my business life could be easier… could be better.

I’ve run my own graphic design business, Slinky Did It, for the last 10 years and have been lucky enough to score some big-name clients like the European Union and the ABC. But it wasn’t until I put some serious blood, sweat and tears into my design business systems, processes and communication that I actually started to reap the rewards of living the freelance dream!

During the Sort Ya Systems course, you’ll get insider access to my project methodology and the shortcut I wish I had when setting up my systems and processes… the ability to plug and play someone else’s templates into my process!

So are you ready? Let’s Sort Ya Systems!

How Sort Ya Systems changed Chantelle’s biz…

I’d have to say that it has changed my business drastically, but also my life, the way that I do business, the way I think about it, the way I plan out my week.

The amount of things that she’s included in the course, along with the amazing templates, the information, her tips, and the fact that she’s always willing to help out… she’ll always come up with some sort of a practical solution for you.

It’s really been worth my while, definitely worth the money that I paid for it!



The thing is, the time you invest in setting up your systems and processes now is an investment in your future self!


I know freelancer small business life can be hard on your cash flow. But, honestly, you can’t afford not to get proper systems up and running. Time is money, friend, and every minute you’re wasting in a disorganised business is a minute you’re not spending earning more cash (or doing something else you love!)

I also offer flexible payment plans so you secure your place in the course and pay it off over the next two months.


I have no doubt you will but just pause for a moment and think about:

  • all the time and stress you will save by doing it now
  • how much easier it will be when you have access to someone else’s tried and tested templates as the basis to build out your own custom system
  • the support you’ll have from a team of like-minded peeps and yours truly acting as your cheerleader and accountability coach!

PLUS these bonuses…

Pink semi circle

Weekly group coaching calls

red semi circles

Masterclass library 

Blue semi circle

Lifetime access

Ready to Sort Ya Systems?

Next live round starts April 2024, but you can jump in now!

The next live round of Sort Ya Systems starts April 2024, but you can jump in now and get full access to the course and all the goodies inside (including templates). As a member of the course community, you can jump into future live rounds whenever you please!

Pay in full

$695 USD

Best value

Payment Plan

$50 USD

upfront then choose your own payment plan for up to six months.
Total cost $795 USD

Just select to pay by at checkout!

Course FAQs

Do I need a CRM/CMS like Dubsado, Plutio, Agiled, 17hats etc.?

Nope! While a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) or CMS (Client Management System) can be really helpful to help streamline and automate your business, you can (and I encourage you to) get started setting up your systems and processes using tools you already have.

We cover options for different CRMs and how to streamline their set-up in the course, so once you’re ready to make the leap you have all the knowledge you need!

I already have some systems and processes set up, will this course still be useful?

Absolutely! Most students will have some systems and processes in place before they start the course. Throughout the course, we’ll review your systems and processes as a whole, then systematically work through and plug in any gaps in your process.

I already have a CRM, will you help me set it up?

No, but I will provide guidance so you can use it to build out your systems and processes, and point you in the right direction if your CRM doesn’t provide certain functionality.

If your CRM isn’t set up, you have two options during the course:

  1. Put your CRM to the side and build upon your existing systems and processes. Then you can transfer your systems and processes to your CRM when ready. It might seem like double handling, but it’s actually a much faster way to start saving time in your business.
  2. You can set everything up in your CRM as we go through the course. Beware this is a more time consuming route, and I would only recommend it if you’re familiar with your CRM software before we start.
Do you provide refunds?

No, as this is an online course full of downloadable resources and templates, no refunds are offered

When does the course start?

The next live round of the course will start on 17 April 2023. 

How long does the course go for?

The course will run over 7 weeks. We will have 3 weeks of content, a catch up week, then the last 3 weeks of content.

There will also be a check-in call one month after the course finishes.

What resources will I receive?

Templates, template, templates! You’ll receive all the templates I’ve developed in my design business and be able to customise their design and content for your own use.

You’ll also receive checklists, worksheets and weekly prompts to help you set up the systems and processes that work best in your business.

How much time do I need to invest in the course?

At the start of the program, we’ll work together to set our goals. It really depends on how in depth you plan to go with your systems and processes, and how you plan to set them up.

At a minimum, I recommend having 4 hours a week for the duration of the course to run through the content, participate in the call and develop a plan to implement your systems. With 8 hours a week, you should be able to get your basic project systems in place over the duration of the course.

Template FAQs

Can I customise the design of the templates?

Yes! All the templates are set up with styles and master pages so they can be updated to your branding super quickly. You can watch this video to see how easy it is.

You can also copy the content out of the google doc and place it in your own document or CRM/CMS.

How can I use the templates?

You can use the templates in your design business. These are templates designed to make your design business admin streamlined and stress-free!

What file types are the files delivered in?

It depends on which template you purchase. Some are PDF guides. But most are editable InDesign, Affinity, Canva and Google Docs. We will soon be building our templates into Dubsado, too. Check the product page for more information.

You don’t have to use our documents, though, you can simply copy and paste our content into your own file of choice!

Is there a limit to how many times I can use a templates?

Nope! As long as you only use them within your design business (i.e.  you can’t transfer ownership, sell or share the templates with anyone else) there is no limit on how many times you can use our templates.

Will I have access to updates?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to updates for as long as the product is for sale.

Are these templates written by a lawyer?

No, I am not a lawyer. I am a graphic designer and these are the templates I have developed in over 10 years of being in business. I do highly recommend getting your contract written by a lawyer, though. Foundd Legal do fantastic legal templates which I use in my business.

Can I use the images in your templates?

Yes, all the images used are free stock images.

What language are the templates in?

The templates are currently written in Australian / British English.

We have plans to release an American English version soon!

Can I use the templates in my CRM/CMS?


We will have Dubsado versions of our templates coming in 2023, but in the meantime, you can copy the content straight into your CRM/CMS from our google docs.

Haven’t found the answer to your question?