Amp Up Your Onboarding

Streamline your process and get your clients onboard faster with this mini-course!

Image showing all the templates in Amp Up Your Onboarding

A straightforward, streamlined onboarding process is SO crucial to setting yourself up for successful projects.

If your onboarding is on point, your clients:

๐Ÿ‘‰ Always know what to expect and when to expect it

๐Ÿ‘‰ Will understand your boundaries (and be more likely to stick to ’em!)

๐Ÿ‘‰ Know what they are responsible for to keep their project on track

The Amp Up Your Onboarding mini course is a self-paced way to get all your onboarding systems as slick as a seal!

Over seven lessons, you’ll:

– Develop a pricelist you can send potential prospects or use as a lead magnet on your website.

– Establish a list of the discovery call questions to ensure you ask your client the right questions before providing a proposal (and help you spot some red flags, too!)

– Build a proposal template so you can quote clients without overthinking it or

– Develop all the email templates you need throughout your onboarding process.ย ย 

PLUS you get inside access to the onboarding process, templates and emails I’ve developed during my ten years in business, so you can skip the hard stuff and get organised, quick smart!

$249.00 AUD

Template love

I finally opened the actual template, and itโ€™s FAB!! I thought I had an expert level indesign knowledge, but this doc has all the bells and whistles!

Youโ€™ve made it soooo easy to put together a proposal quickly, and as a new biz owner, having all the tips and words there ready to go is a massive timesaver. 100% worth it, and would recommend.

Abby Schmidt, Clever Little Schmidt

The Amp up your onboarding course includes:


Seven lessons of content designed to help you set up your onboarding process from start to finish!


THREE 14-page proposal templates for brand, website and general proposal. Each includes a cover page, introduction, ‘working with me’ section, deliverables section, testimonials page, a ‘my process’ section, fees page, sign-off, terms & conditions*.


Project timeline generator – enter your start date, tweak your timeframes and your project dates will automatically be created!


Pricelist template – create a pricelist to save the overthinking of what to charge.


Discovery Call questions and notes template – steal my discovery call process and ensure you get all the information you need during your discovery call!


Invoice template – invoice template to get your clients to pay, quick smart!

+ BONUS follow up email template.

Email templates to use throughout your onboarding process to communicate clearly with your clients.ย 

Template and email content also provided in a Google Doc so you can easily copy and paste to your chosen document format.

Templates set up as an editable InDesign and Affinity Publisher files.

Tutorial video explaining how to edit the InDesign and Affinity Publisher files.
Tutorial video explaining how to create an Interactive PDF.

* Terms & Conditions are not written by a lawyer. I am a graphic designer and these are the templates I have developed in over 10 years of being in business.ย 


Can I customise the design of the templates?

Yes! All the templates are set up with styles and master pages so they can be updated to your branding super quickly. You can watch this video to see how easy it is.

You can also copy the content out of the google doc and place it in your own document or CRM/CMS.

How can I use the templates?

You can use the templates in your design business. These are templates designed to make your design business admin streamlined and stress-free!

What file types are the files delivered in?

It depends on which template you purchase. Some are PDF guides. But most are editable InDesign, Affinity and Google Docs. We will soon be building our templates into Canva and Dubsado, too. Check the product page for more information.

You donโ€™t have to use our documents, though, you can simply copy and paste our content into your own file of choice!

Is there a limit to how many times I can use a templates?

Nope! As long as you only use them within your design business (i.e.ย  you canโ€™t transfer ownership, sell or share the templates with anyone else) there is no limit on how many times you can use our templates.

Will I have access to updates?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to updates for as long as the product is for sale.

Are these templates written by a lawyer?

No, I am not a lawyer. I am a graphic designer and these are the templates I have developed in over 10 years of being in business. I do highly recommend getting your contract written by a lawyer, though. Foundd Legal do fantastic legal templates which I use in my business.

Can I use the images in your templates?

Yes, all the images used are free stock images.

What language are the templates in?

The templates are currently written in Australian / British English.

We have plans to release an American English version soon!

Can I use the templates in my CRM/CMS?


We will have Dubsado versions of our templates coming in 2023, but in the meantime, you can copy the content straight into your CRM/CMS from our google docs.

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