Spending too much time on your design biz admin?

Meet Designer Admin.

An administrative hub for graphic and web designers, Designer Admin provides the must-have templates and tools to run your design business efficiently and hassle-free.

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Big Brand Template Bundle

Big Brand Bundle!

Your brand project processes sorted from start to finish!

Brand Presentation Kit Mockup

Presentation Template Kit

Effortlessly build, deliver, and gain feedback on your brand presentations!

Big Brand Template Bundle

Ultimate Client Sign Off Kit

Keep your clients accountable!

Sarah Linklater

Oh hello!

My name is Sarah Linklater. I’m a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia, and I’ve been operating a graphic and web design business called Slinky Did It for the past 10 years.

I started Designer Admin because I noticed that while there is a whole lotta very talented designers in our industry, the admin side of the business isn’t everyone’s forte. After all, we didn’t become designers because we were good at writing invoices and managing clients!

I strongly believe that if you have strong business foundations in place, your projects will run more smoothly and you will have more time and headspace to focus on the creative side of your business.

So…. let’s admin!

Freebies Alert!

Fix your files mock up

Fix ya files

Fix your files is a plug’n’play filing system for your design biz.

Fix your files mock up

Sort ya systems webinar

A step by step guide to establishing your design biz processes!

Sort ya systems facebook group

Need support setting up systems and processes for your design biz? Join the hub!

The Sort Ya Systems Hub is a place for graphic and web designers to support each other on all admin-related business things. We will talk proposals, templates, getting paid, dealing with clients and setting up our processes and systems... all with the goal of focusing on admin less and freeing up some much needed creative headspace!